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Fashion Designer

Tania Valenti

Luxury design with a responsible attitude

I want to make a style that is my own, elegant but casual, rock but sober. Something dedicated to who wants to stand out of the crowd. - Tania Valenti

For Tania, the child of Sicily who spent hours watching her grandmother feel and manipulate noble fabrics to make elegant garments, fashion has always been obvious. After absorbing and appreciating fashion in Milan, she decided to go to France to attend the prestigious French fashion school ESMOD and joined forces with leading haute couture houses! Harmony and excellence guide all her creations and found her identity as a stylist. Her unique know-how is embodied in every piece of her collection. Jackets and handbags, all in 100% organic and vegetable tanned leather, are hand-crafted by master tanners and craftsmen in Italy, in the purest tradition of Italian leather goods. Carrying a sober and deep spirituality, these pieces absorb the events of life, magnify themselves and take a patina that is natural and faithful to the one who wears them. The creations of Tania Valenti will transport you to her native land and will express the love of beauty and the precision of detail. The fruits of her intuition and vision of the world, will reveal a Woman like no other: elegant, happily alive, inspired and inspiring. The Tania Valenti collection brings an original and soon iconic breath, emblematic of an art of living that is both French and Italian.

The collections have a focus on Greenlife, the respect of noble materials with chemical free treatments, combined to mystical symbols hidden in the products themselves. They will be your true talismans.

Tania Valenti has chosen for all her productions to make them in an artisanal way, far from industrialisation and standardisation of large volumes. Some products like the green Bomber tie-dye, are hand tainted one by one. Even more the hand painted Perfecto, which communicates spiritual messages, are all harmonically hand painted one by one by an artist.

Every piece is literally unique… as the person who chooses to wear it!


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